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July 31, 2012


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I want to say first, Thank You to all my new followers on here, Tumblr, and anywhere else that took this view count hit after my Mako pictures surfaced.  The amount of response from them are INSANE and I thank you all for them!!!!

That being said, I will now continue onto the tale of the hottest damn con I went to yet: OtaKon 2012!!

The highest recorded temperature was recorded in El Azizia, Libya at a scorching 58 C, or 136 F.  This was inched out from this years Otakon.  I had predicted to plan accordingly and only wear light cosplay, which I did, but God damn was is hot!. I ended up bringing 5 cosplays to the con, which is the most I've ever brought to a convention, and surprisingly ended up wearing all of them!! I wore Hunter S. Thompson/Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Mech Tech Tony Stark from Iron Man, Byrne from LoZ: Spirit Tracks, Mako from LoK and Professor Layton from the series of the same name, whom I had the extreme pleasure of coupling up with my good friend's :iconmiyurii: Remi Altava, in which she did a FANTASTIC job with~

We arrived Thursday as to get our passes early and met up with some choice faces.  Seeing :iconleveledup: and :iconmeteorie: just hit my heart strings because I hadn't seen them since Katsucon and I would have missed their faces THIS weekend at Otakuthon. They'd been so good to me over the years and I was so ecstatic to be with them again.  Then my roommates :iconthe-mirror-melts: :iconthornrose: :iconiridescent-fall: and a newcomer from Waterloo Ferg arrived. Having been to MANY cons in the past with the for-mentioned, I was more than happy to experience my first Otakon with them, but Ferg made my weekend OH so enjoyable, and I liked to think I've found a new and very dear friend.  That night we went out for dinner, and after meet up with Mike (also known as MLZ Studio's) whom I also hadn't seen since Katsucon, which made my night, and meet :icongammogahato: who I had a BLAST with the rest of the con, which was all predetermined by our sick dance moves we busted out in that moment.  Also featured in MLZ's latest video:…

MLZ can't handle my RDJ White Boy dance moves!!! Spend the remainder of the night wandering around with :iconthornrose: and agreed with how he put it; Day 0 was a huge success!

Friday I broke out Tony, and had so much fun with it.  Met a lot of new people and spent the day partying.  I did a quick photo shoot with Sam (who I need to get in contact with) at a bar in the Hilton, where the bartenders LOVED my costume and helped out so much with the shoot.  I spent the rest of my time at the bar chatting up the bartenders and a lovely couple from Liverpool who were there for the Football game. That night I was going to do a photo shoot with :iconcourtoon:, but things fell through, so instead I went to go find some American friends I hadn't seen in a while. I dragged :icongammogahato: along and we had a grand old Friday night.  

The next day I wore Byrne and Mako.  I figured Byrne would be alright for the weather....I was wrong.  Regardless I was pleased with it.  Many improvements will be made on him in the future.  I was dragged around for a quick lunch with the Lady Loki who fed me vodka the day before at the Avengers shoot and meet all her friends and had a blast among the regular people around the con.  There was a few sporting events during Otakon, so I was a nice mixture of fandoms mingling together.  After I meet up with a few friends who were at lunch.  :iconcourtoon: was there and immediately apologized for Friday.  What a lady~ I felt terrible because I was a hot mess, and ready to pass out, so I probably came off as a gross individual.  :iconthe-mirror-melts: returned to our room, where I showered and we respectively took naps, which quickly escalated to passing out for good.  I awoke later to find Ferg, huddling in the room entry quietly reading.  What a considerate gentleman!!!!  We woke up and threw on our Legend of Korra cosplays, (:iconthe-mirror-melts: had her Korra Season 2 done) and returned to the con.  I attended an Avatar/Korra photoshoot, where (among a few people) :icontwin-cosplay: reconized me.  It was such a strange sensation and I probably have every single one of you to thank for~ That night I returned to the room to change into more comfortable, civilian clothes while :iconthe-mirror-melts: and Ferg watched what seemed to be a Will Smith Marathon going on.  Ferg then joined me and :icongammogahato: on our ridiculous Saturday Night Con Advetures!!! Complete with Drinking, Security Guards, SkyWalk Shenanigans, Free T-Shirts, Video Games, and naked little Asian men. We ended up returning to the room when, and I quote; "(We) Could hear the birds chirping". OHBOY

Sunday was an easy going, run of the mill con Sunday....Expect I got to cosplay with the SUPA FAMOUS SACHIIEE OMG haha.  We did a Layton and Remi cosplay and I loved the hell out of it.  I really hope one day I can do a proper photo shoot with her not on a Con Sunday after a night of drinking, LIKE A GENTLEMAN!!  We packed up relatively early and left fairly late.  We took this really awesome Shuttle Bus to our less than legitimate Bus Stop and returned home.  

ALL IN ALL, Otakon what hot and humid.  The roads were filled with Cockroaches and terrible drivers on the same level. It was super far and I felt lost in it sometimes.  I wouldn't change it for the world though;  The amount of amazing people I met and got to hang out with, the recognition I got, my wonderful usual con suspects and the new friendships I formed and the ones I had that I've made stronger.  All worth it <3

I hope I can make Katsucon.  After that I'll be back on break for con.  I went a little wild this year with the conventions, especially one in the states.  Though I hope that doesn't get in the way of seeing my friends again, and meet new ones in the future~

Til then, thank you all for your landslide of support, and I hope I don't disappoint.  

Dream Easy~
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Nani-Mizu Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
Oh hey there Raoul!! :wave:
I was the other random Canadian that bumped into you on Thursday and Friday!! Aaaand you're right, I definitely could not remember your username so I had to search for your Mako cosplay. :blush:
You're definitely a freakin awesome Mako though!!
zacloudseth Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
IT WAS NO STOP CANADIANS!!! I loved it hahaha

Told ya. xD
Nani-Mizu Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Yeeeeah I'm terrible with names, especially DA names because the skies the limit. :blush:

Lol, cha I definitely enjoyed finding more Canucks on my adventures, even if after you guys it was aaaaaall Americans all the time. XD
Although I'm hoping to head with some of my friends to Anime North next year, so Canadians eeeeeeeeeverywhere!!!! :excited:
Kitedot Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, so you were that Tony stark with the glove dancing in the vid with Slarenkou? Lol didnt realize. Nice moves and hand gestures haha. Dude, i dont have the balls to dance in front of a camera that thousands will watch. Hats off to ya.

I cant even stand the NYC heat so i cant even imagine what you guys were feeling, ever con vlog i see of otakon, everyone was talking about how hot it was there.
Meeting all those people and sounds like memories that you will never forget. Going to out of state cons sure look like a great idea now. I'm friggin jealous.
Awesome run down on your adventure. This is very inspiring. All of you guys. I follow you, slarenkou and courtoon and many other great cosplayers. You are all inspirations. Keep at it!
zacloudseth Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012

And I have no's nice not having it. I'm also glad I can be an inspiration~~ I'll try not to disappoint =D
m-squaredphotography Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
We saw you during the Avatar/Korra photo shoot. Your Mako was PERFECT! We're so disappointed that we didn't get a quick shot or two of you.
zacloudseth Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Thank youuuuu~~

AND oh no...I'm sorryyy x__x
NEXT TIME! If I'm ever at Ota again T~T
Courtoon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Filmographer
That's what you get for being such a PERFECT Mako! Dear god! Haha! Well deserved!

Again I'm so sorry about Friday, you should have seen what a slump I was after feeling like such a huge dick. I was so glad I got to see you on Saturday so I could apologize a billion times! (I'm sure Solo was too cause I just kept on complaining about how much I felt like an ass) And well, generally just glad I got to hang out with you guys for a bit longer! You are all super awesome people!! Hope we get to all hang out again soon!

But I still feel so bad, so I owe you a cookie or something next time I see you!
zacloudseth Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
OH YOU~ Stop that~

Hey, shit happen...and no need to feel so discouraged on my part, you guys were an absolute dream meeting. I also feel like a creep because I kept staring at Megan's wig at lunch in my tired, lackadaisical stare. SUCH A SPECTACULAR TOPH~ I can't wait 'til we all meet again...and we're both feeling less cruddy about fallen through impromptu plans. ^_^;;;

...and I'm holding you to this cookie or something...hopefully at Youma.
Courtoon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student Filmographer
I won't stop, cause it's so damn true!

When we meet again we will both be feeling awesome, not tired, and not disgruntled! It will be the most excellent-:eager:
AND I KNOW RIGHT. Megan's Toph is SO perfect! And that was one of the first wigs she ever styled too.

And yes. Be prepared for the most excellent snackings ever. Go to Youma Please!!
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